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Exciting new Trout Magnet color needs a name?
By Jeff Smith


Congratulations to Camden Snoden, CA with his winning name of "Purple Redemption"

One of our Pro-Staffers has been field testing our newest Trout Magnet color - "DARK BLUE FLAKE".  Read below to see what he has to say about it...

As you know, I have been wanting the Trout Magnet in "DARK BLUE FLAKE" for quite a while. I have been telling you that not only is "DARK BLUE FLAKE" a special color for catching fish but I have always said the Trout Magnet is the best Smallmouth bait that I have ever used. Today my son Jason and I made our regular, annual Spring trip to Center Hill Lake. We go there to catch big Bluegill and to try and hook up...and land.....as many Smallmouth as we can during April and May. I met him and when he got in my vehicle I said "Look what I have" as I held up the bag of "DARK BLUE FLAKE" Trout Magnets. He was as excited as I was. We arrived at Center Hill around 10:45 and started fishing. His first cast was with his float rod with the "Bison" Trout Magnet on under the float. The float disappears and after 5 jumps I netted his largest ever Kentucky Bass...an 18 incher! My first cast of course was with the new "DARK BLUE FLAKE" Trout Magnet and I hooked up with a nice Smallmouth. Then a few minutes later I had another Smallmouth. My son put down his float rod and picked up his "Sore Lip Series" rod and put the "DARK BLUE FLAKE" Trout Magnet on and the rest of the story could be told in pictures. Six of the Smallmouth are at the 20 inch range. All were caught on 2# test line. We hooked up and lost over a dozen more Smallmouth. We had some very close to the net and they were pigs but who in their right mind goes fishing for Smallmouths this size with 2# test line in a lake that is full of boulders, ledges, etc. and since the water is up we had to deal with buck bushes also. We quit fishing for Smallmouth way before dark...I say we quit fishing for them as I went to a place I thought they were unlikely to be. We just wanted to relax and catch some Bluegill... We were talking that we had caught so many Smallmouth and we were both just stressed out trying to finesse them in or working the net. I read on your facebook page the other night where someone had mentioned... I think... about the Trout Magnet hooks breaking. That has never happened with either of us. On my sons largest fish... over 20 inches... and after having fought it for quite a while... he had really done a great job as the fish had him wrapped around a buck bush 3 different times and he maneuvered it out of that bush 3 times and I knew if I did not net that fish it was going to get off. Well even though I lunged with the net and missed the fish I hooked the Trout Magnet jig head in the net and lifted the fish up out of the water and hauled it to the bank! All the weight of that fish was on that hook and none of the fish was in the net! Quite a testament for that little hook.
Oh... we did catch some Bluegill... just did not take any pics of them. The Crappie is in there as we both just thought it was a great looking fish. Never caught a Crappie in that area before. We will be doing some more "field testing" at Center Hill.. Keep up the great work.
Randy G. - TN

OK, now you have heard Randy's fish catching testament on the "DARK BLUE FLAKE" Trout Magnet. Help us name this "DARK BLUE FLAKE" color by participating in our Name a Lure Contest. Post your lure name idea to our Facebook contest tab. The winner will receive $50 worth of Leland's Lures products and the NEW BLUE COLOR will officially be named your name suggestion!! Visit the Trout Magnet Facebook page to post your lure name ideas today...tell your friends to vote!

Good Luck!
~ Sore Lip 'Em All ~

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